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Mission Statement

Our Vision – Passionate Hosts

We aim to fully satisfy our guests with our service, placing their wishes, satisfaction, and well-being at the center of our actions.


What Matters to Us

Our company prioritizes the respect, protection, and promotion of international human rights. We are committed to ensuring that human rights are respected in all areas of our operations. Additionally, we place great importance on diversity-oriented management to ensure equal opportunities. Racism and discrimination have no place with us.


Environmental protection is a central part of our corporate philosophy. Where possible, we employ environmentally friendly technologies. We also prioritize environmentally friendly and sustainable procurement of capital goods, building materials, and consumables.


Our company has a risk and crisis management system that takes ecological, social, and economic risks into account. This allows us to respond appropriately to potential crisis situations and minimize them.

Our aim is to strive for continuous improvement and maintain a strong market position. We engage in dialogue with our stakeholders and implement processes for quality assurance and sustainable development. Economic aspects and quality management are a given for us.

With our corporate mission statement, we commit to responsible, sustainable, and ethical corporate governance that equally considers human rights, environmental protection, social engagement, and continuous improvement.