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Motel Plus Bar


The cozy motel plus bar offers with a café-bar offering of hot and soft drinks, wine and beer to varied cocktails to leave everything comfortably end to the day.


Stylish enjoy an inviting lounge atmosphere – the plus+ promise for stimulating evenings.


For a snack pretzels, pizza and quiche as measure of all things!


Browse through our standard card of meals and beverages.

Please click on the picture of our standard card, a PDF will open, in a new window. If your browser does not constitute the card, please click on the text link.



Motel Plus Terrace


Our cozy Motel Plus Terrace invites you to linger. Enjoy our varied offer of drinks and food.


No matter what time of day, our outdoor area - in the courtyard of the motel, attracts with cozy rattan furniture and a clear space offer.

Our Terrace is a special hint for smokers, when you don't want to breakfast, or to drink a colorful cocktail, without a cigarette.